Y-j Stool


Y-J stool

Y-J stool is an open sourced stool that lends itself to user customization.

Legs and top can be easily removed for smooth transportation, or replaced by other leg and top designs. 

Made with casted aluminum or 3D printed PLA, the Y-J stool highlights its customizable joint.



At the heart of the Y-J Stools design lies its D.I.Y. modularity. The Y-Joint can be purchased alone, leaving the design and material of legs and top to be determined to the user. With no tools needed, assembly and disassembly to transport or swap designs is effortless.







y-j table

Y-j Table is a product of combining two Y-j Stools together with a unified table top.

Table top can be removed and replaced with other designs, or removed and then turned back into the separate stools. 

Made with casted aluminum or 3D printed PLA, the Y-J Table highlights its customizable joint.






Y-Joint was initially designed in Solidworks, rendered in Keyshot, and sliced in Simplify3D.








After making a mold, the Y-Joint was casted in aluminum using the lost wax method.

The ceramic shell was then removed to expose the aluminum.

Y-Joint was then grinded and sanded down to create a smooth finish.